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HOPE TO THE LESS PRIVILEGE WITH MAMA BLESSINGS (HWMB) is a non-profit organization targeting the well-being and advancement of less-privileged members of the Nigerian society. Our programmes vehemently target the most emotionally-vulnerable groups in society; and seek to bring lasting relief and restoration to embattled members of the Nigerian society.

Our organizational objectives are heavily hinged on the word HOPE; which we conceptualize as the driving force and right motivation for pursuit of desired expectations in life.  We have identified hope as the key motivator lacking in our society; which is evidenced by the general lack of focus and integrity in Nigerian youths. The demise of hope from our society has culminated in the increase of social vices in modern Nigeria.

The dearth of hope in our society can be closely linked to the inadequacy of information available to youths, the tumultuous educational system, poverty, misplaced objectives of our government, and general lack of accountability in the public sector.  The current kidnapping, drug trafficking and bombing saga, are direct consequences of a society that has lost hope.

HWMB evolved out of the deep concern of Mrs. Blessings Agboli for the hopeless and helpless in society. The non-profit organization was established to bring help to the needy and the most vulnerable groups in the society- women, widows, destitutes, child prostitutes, trafficked children, unemployed youths, married couples, and the aged and abandoned. Our programmes are channeled to helping these groups build a healthy life, discover potentials and drive their purposes in life.

Our Vision

To Empower, Equip, and inspire individuals to be all God created them to be thereby giving voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless.


To convey a message of hope by reaching out to the less privilege and encourage the powerless to conquer the difficulties of neediness, Ill-wellbeing and persecution through philanthropy and counseling.



The HWMB Foundation is only able to provide shelter, education, health care and nutrition to some of Nigeria’s poorest people through the generosity of our supporters
There are lots of ways you can help:

HWMB uses various methods to restore and impact lives:

Rescuing and Rehabilitating street boys and prostitutes living under bridges and brothels; and giving them HOPE to live again.

Presenting scholarships to underprivileged students

Providing comfortable shelters, food, clothing and medicine for the hungry and destitute

Organizing skills and vocational trainings for self-reliance and economic stability

Equipping successful trainees with seed capital to jump-start their entrepreneurial ventures

Providing training and counseling sessions on a regular basis in HWMB facility; managed by professional guardians and counselors

With HOPE, the foundation is able to fulfill her goals and objectives by meeting some of the immediate needs in the society.


HWMB achieves her set objectives through the medium of direct intervention, public enlightenment through talk shows, seminars, training and workshop, to engage groups in meaningful discussion, to enlighten the populace on the vulnerability of these groups of individuals as well as what our organization is doing to address this malady, provide mentorship and counseling. Our projects and talk shows are broadcasted on television stations, to reach out to a larger audience, for better impact.

The talk shows address endemic issues affecting the Nigerian society, in the areas of governance, education, welfare, information, media, health, careers, business, religion, and sports. The aim of the shows is to sensitize people on the problems that have eaten deep into our system, and objectively proffer well-considered solutions. The talk shows exhibit a range of professionals invited to share their wealth of experience; stakeholders in the governance, local government representatives, who are cognizant of issues affecting people at the grassroots, and people who have been victims of various social vices.

The HWMB Foundation is only able to provide shelter, education, health care and nutrition to some of Nigeria’s poorest people through the generosity of our supporters
There are lots of ways you can help:
We are also looking for people to get involved in the running of HWMB. If you are interested and have skills you can share, such as marketing, IT, counseling, public relations, administrative or financial skills, we would be delighted to hear from you. Even a day a month of your time can be put to good use!

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